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I don’t know a person who hasn’t needed help at some point in time or another,  I would even argue that one of my successes in life has been building a network of people who I don’t mind helping and who are able to help me.  But from time...

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If only everyone had the problem of their “sleep in” day being cut short because someone that they loved wanted to wish them a happy birthday.  I don’t have any real problems, I have things that I would like to change; but I do not have any problems.  A...

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what is my brand?

I’ve given some thought to this and I have decided to keep my blog, that is the good news.  The exciting news is that I am going to change it!  I’m just not exactly sure how at this moment. When it comes to my website (read blog) I have...

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I didn’t really think that this theme would work anymore; but hey – it does!  if I’m coming back it is safe to say that I’ll find some way to dress this up because that is my nature.  but I may just stick with a standard theme until I...

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I’ve actually been writing

just not here.  at the moment and until this august I am a graduate student at Northwestern University, this keeps me extremely busy.  I am also a student blogger for the MSC program, so I write there . . . . and in my journal app but what I...

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