It is very likely that I will never be in a position where I have nothing to do or to work on, I just don’t think that I am wired like that.  This current phase of my life is no exception, I’m working on quite a bit, I just haven’t been talking about it.


Not, “not blogging about it” I literally mean not talking about it. Sometimes when I talk about something, saying it aloud and going into lots of details I get inspired to do even more and other times when I do that I got it out of my system and something in me seems to think that it can be crossed off of my things to do list and there it sits, waiting until the realization hits me that I still have to do it.

So there you have it, I’m working.  The hope is that 2015 will have many changes in it, changes for the absolute best because 14 peaked and then did a nose dive.  I’m not beating myself up though because the peaks of 14 and 13 were all well in the making for many years prior.  I think that is the part of success that sometimes even the successful forget.  Success takes a lot of work and that work may go on for years before the success is fully realized.  You just have to keep working.

not my circus

big tops

I don’t know a person who hasn’t needed help at some point in time or another,  I would even argue that one of my successes in life has been building a network of people who I don’t mind helping and who are able to help me.  But from time to time I’ve come across that person. . . this person always seems to have some sort of drama or issue that they need help with and 1. this amount of drama is simply not cool to dump on anyone else and 2. they never intend or are capable of helping out with this level of a mess.


When I first came across this phrase (on Facebook) I burst into laughter and very quickly it because my favorite saying, “Not my circus, not my monkey.”


Admittedly I have become more selective with how I spend my time.  There are always friends in need, there is frequently some level of drama to be found and there are always projects that require my time.  In the past I would become stressed out trying to do everything and please everyone and help everyone, all at the same time.  Then, like so many before me, I learned the art of saying no.  I still help people, often even people from whom I do not need anything in the foreseeable future; but because I have been honest with myself about my limitations I have also learned to help myself.  Some problems I am simply not qualified to handle but perhaps someone in my circle is that I could refer them to.

But this phrase isn’t about those problems, this is about the people who have constant drama or whose procrastination or unorganized nature makes everything an emergency.  Generally speaking you would be doing yourself to always fall into the trap of cleaning up the mess that they may not even recognize as a mess; and in the mean time your obligations and projects sit on the shelf just waiting.  No matter the guilt trip that may or may not accompany your decision, you are not obligated to run in and fix someone else’s mess . . . depending on your circle of friends you may however want to buy a ticket to see the show.


imagesIf only everyone had the problem of their “sleep in” day being cut short because someone that they loved wanted to wish them a happy birthday.  I don’t have any real problems, I have things that I would like to change; but I do not have any problems.  A year ago there were a lot of really good things culminating. This year I’m a looking back with a feeling of pride and I’m looking forward wishing that this year holds either all of the hard-work-requiring culmination or half of the pride and accomplishment.  I am grateful that I can make the wish and even more I’m grateful that I learned that lots and lots of hard work really can pay off.

what is my brand?

I’ve given some thought to this and I have decided to keep my blog, that is the good news.  The exciting news is that I am going to change it!  I’m just not exactly sure how at this moment.

When it comes to my website (read blog) I have always had big plans and at different times my technological skills have been just shy of being able to accomplish said plans; plug-ins have come a long way and maybe my expectations have become a little more realistic so the odds are now that I’ll come closer to the dream site that I (with the help of many-a-forums) can build.  The daunting task now is not whether or not I can hack some simple codex, now my task is to think of what it is that I want to put out in the world.

There is a high probability that I will not be posting about what I ate, an even greater chance that I will not be posting a pic of my outfit du jour.  I WILL most likely be posting about design, design trends, gardening, occasionally I may post a recipe that I have actually made and that blew my socks off.  There will likely be some sort of knitting project. . . . I doubt that I will get into as much poetry that I did when I was writing under a pen name but I would like to touch on various topics pertaining to communication.  Basically my new blog will be about many of my interests but will not be quite as personal as it may have been in the past.

Nothing stays the same and eventually this too will likely evolve into something different, for now I’m really deciding what pars of me I want to include in “my brand”; what makes sense to share with the world and how exactly can I do this in a way that will be beneficial to me and might possibly help someone else or maybe even entertain them??  I need to give them some thought.


I didn’t really think that this theme would work anymore; but hey – it does!  if I’m coming back it is safe to say that I’ll find some way to dress this up because that is my nature.  but I may just stick with a standard theme until I have my own custom theme perfected :)


it does make me smile though